Who Can Benefit from Life Insurance?

Whether you’re single or married, a young adult or a senior, have children or haven’t yet started a family, you can benefit from what life insurance has to offer. A life insurance policy from Budget Guard Insurance in Union, KY can provide you with financial security at any stage of your life. Here’s how life insurance can benefit you:

Starting a Family

Buying life insurance when you’re young and just starting a family will be cheaper than waiting until you’re older. You can have peace of mind that your spouse and future kids will have the financial security they need to carry on in the event of your unexpected demise.

Established Family

If you already have a family, life insurance benefits can be used to replace much-needed income if one or both of you should suddenly pass on. By getting insurance coverage for both you and your spouse, your children will have the financial stability to meet their present and future needs in the event of your early demise.

Young Single Adults

Most singles don’t see the need for life insurance, especially in their younger years. Life benefits, however, can help pay outstanding debts and funeral expenses as well as provide financial help to aging parents or siblings after you’re gone.

Couples without Children

If you’ve taken out a mortgage or car loan with your significant other, your spouse may be held liable for these debts if you were to suddenly pass on. Life benefits can be used to cover these expenses so your spouse doesn’t have to carry this financial burden. Life benefits can also provide extra income for your spouse to make it easier for him or her to adjust financially after you’re gone.

To learn more about life insurance options and costs, contact Budget Guard Insurance in Union, KY.

Will My Home Insurance Change With A New Build Next Door?

The New Home Next Door Brings A Lot Of Questions

The agents at Budget Guard Insurance in Union, KY are here to answer any concerns you may have about the new build on the neighboring property. In most cases, your insurance policy does not have to be changed when another party has purchased land next to yours and decided they want to build a house on the property. It is a great time to review your policy since the neighborhood has changed.

If the property next door is of significantly greater value than your home – this may be due to the number of stories the new home is or design features that are employed. If you have any doubts as to the value of the home next door,  you should speak with one of our agents. When property values go up in your neighborhood, there may need to be changes made to your existing homeowner’s insurance policy. It may not be the type of home that presents the increase in neighborhood property value, it may be the presence of a home itself. If a new home is being built on a once-vacant lot in your neighborhood, your block has become a safer place to dwell on as well. Property values are sure to rise.  

Union KY Is Safely Guarded 

At Budget Guard Insurance that is just what we do – guard your insurance budget. We provide coverage for many facets of your life, including health insurance plans, umbrella policies, flood insurance, classic car, renters, equipment maintenance,  motor homes, ATV’s, motorcycles, boats, life insurance, commercial insurance, and automobile insurance. Call us today at 859-795-1771 to find out how we can help you better insure your life today.   


Are There Different Types of Commercial Liability Insurance?

The agents at Budget Guard Insurance understand that running a business can be confusing when it comes to making sure you have the right type of insurance. Every business needs three types of insurance, Worker’s Compensation, Property, and Liability. If you live in the Union, KY area, the agents are always available to help you determine what your insurance needs are.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects you from financial loss if someone is injured or their property is damaged while they are visiting your business. It will cover their medical expenses as well as making repairs to their property. Liability insurance also protects if a product you offered is defective or a service offered by your company resulted in someone being injured.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage in case your liability insurance doesn’t cover the entire amount awarded to the injured party. For example, if your liability coverage offers $1 million worth of coverage and your liability for an accident is $1.5 million, your umbrella insurance will cover the additional $500,000. This additional insurance can be the difference between financial loss and sustaining your business through a difficult time.

When you open your business, one of the first things you should do is look into liability insurance. Call and talk to the agents at Budget Guard Insurance. They serve business throughout the Union, KY area and are always ready to answer any questions you have when it comes to protecting your business from financial loss. Don’t risk the financial security of your business. Call and talk to the agents of Budget Guard Insurance today! They will make sure you have all the coverage you need!

Does home insurance also cover my boat?

Your boat was parked in the driveway of your Union, KY home when it was destroyed. Naturally, your home insurance should cover the vessel, right? Maybe yes, maybe no.

The agents at Budget Guard Insurance can help you understand what your home insurance covers and leaves behind. The agents can also help you find the boat insurance policy that works best for your situation.

It is a mistake to rely on home insurance for your boat entirely

Home insurance is a standard policy for most homeowners. Although the policy may cover items damaged in a natural disaster that is inadvertently attached to your house, it is not a good idea to fully rely on home insurance to pay for everything.

In actuality, a watercraft is only protected when damaged on the property. You cannot use your home insurance policy if your boat is damage on the water or while sitting at the dock. Home insurance also does not cover other instances of loss, such as theft. You are essentially out of luck if someone steals your boat out of the driveway in the middle of the night.

You need boat insurance

A boat insurance policy works much like car insurance. Your vessel may be covered in the event of theft, loss by a natural disaster, or an accident on the water. Of course, you must purchase an insurance policy that provides such protection by working with a skilled agent in Union, KY.

When it comes to expertise in indemnity, the agents at Budget Guard Insurance are top-notch. We will work with you to understand your lifestyle preferences and help you carve out a boat insurance plan that best suits the situation. Call us today to get started with a quote!