Multivendor Equipment Cost Reduction Programs

Our multivendor equipment cost reduction program options are designed to help healthcare, educational, government and financial institutions consolidate their equipment service contracts and extended warranties into one comprehensive multivendor maintenance and repair agreement with customized coverage for each targeted equipment asset. Equipment assets targeted range from computers to high-end medical systems. These programs typically generate 15% to 20% in annual savings!

First Dollar Programs

Under a first dollar program, your organization pays the provider on a fixed installment basis, and the provider, in-turn pays for all service events that are covered by the program as service is performed. This is ideal for organizations that want to reduce service and administrative costs by outsourcing external service provider management to the provider.

Aggregate Deductible Programs

Aggregate deductible programs allow your organization to retain and handle your predictable maintenance and projected repair costs within a predetermined budget, and transfers the risk above that threshold to the warranty provider, leaving your organization with a cap on anticipated maintenance and repair costs. And because your organization controls the maintenance and repair funds, you retain all unspent maintenance and repair dollars at the end of the term. This can drive your annual savings up to 34% on average!

Flexible Service Delivery Plans

Service is a local experience. That is why our programs allow you to decide who services each covered asset. You may utilize independent service organizations, original equipment manufacturers, in-house technical staff, or a combination of all three. We can also help you find the best service providers utilizing our database of qualified service providers.

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