We are seasoned equipment management professionals with practical business and technical experience. We offer the following service management consulting services:

Equipment Management Assessment and Program Design

We’ll analyze your current service contracts, specific service requirements and local service options. Once completed, we will recommend strategies that are intended to help you maintain your preferred standard of service while reducing costs significantly.

  • We provide an independent evaluation of your current equipment program performance and make recommendations to improve performance, along with optional interim management during periods of transition and to oversee change.
  • This includes a recommendation of which service contracts should be left in place or renegotiated, which service contracts can be safely eliminated, and which service contracts can be consolidated into a single multivendor program.
  • Once equipment targeted for a multivendor program is identified, we’ll design the multivendor program model based on your requirements, internal resources, and the appropriate level of financial risk for your organization.

Physical Assets Inventories

We plan and manage your physical assets inventory project to verify the accuracy of your capital equipment assets inventory.  The physical inventory is performed on a book to floor basis, for targeted assets located in your facilities.

  • An initial database is created utilizing the master inventory supplied by your organization that represents each capital equipment asset expected to be found during the field inventory process.
  • We will review locations and floor plans for each facility to identify any areas of the facilities that may require special attention. Special instructions and contact information are reviewed (i.e. security policies for access to facilities, schedules, etc.).
  • Using Budget Guard’s proprietary software, the data is collected and captured in the field with mobile devices. Pictures are taken of all assets with close-up images of asset tags, brand names, and nameplates for data verification purposes.
  • All assets are mapped to industry-specific data master, such as UMDNS or GMDN nomenclature for healthcare organizations.
  • A final inventory is delivered in PDF and Excel format.
  • We can also utilize the finished asset inventory to scrub the asset data in your existing computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) or assist you with migrating to a new CMMS.

Outsourced Service Programs

We evaluate the performance of outsource vendors by identifying program weak points and recommending cost-effective improvements. We assist in developing RFP’s to identify the right outsourcing provider.

Returning Outsourced Equipment Service Program Back In-House

We identify key criteria for a successful in-house program, assist in identifying and hiring the right staff, and provide on-going management support during program implementation.

Internal Customer Satisfaction Evaluation and Improvement

We design and conduct evaluation surveys of existing programs to determine strengths and weaknesses and targets for improvement and provide on-going support to monitor progress.