Protect Your Healthcare Facility and Practice

At Budget Guard Insurance, we specialize in developing insurance coverages and risk management programs for healthcare facilities, including Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Chiropractors, Clinical Laboratories, Clinics and Medical Offices, Dental and Orthodontic Offices, Diagnostic Imaging Centers, Endoscopy Centers, Long-term Care Facilities, Oncology Centers, Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centers, Physical Therapy Centers, and more.

When you talk about insurance for healthcare facilities in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana, it’s important to understand how solid risk management and claims control plans fit into the insurance protection equation. We have the products and expertise to help you.

Coverage Highlights

  • Property Coverage helps protect the property you own, lease or rent. This coverage can help pay to replace your practice’s physical structure if it is damaged of destroyed by covered perils. Property coverage also includes your facility’s contents, such as furniture, computers, equipment and supplies. If these items are damaged by covered event, this coverage may pay to repair or replace them.  Commonly covered events include fire, smoke, wind and hail storms, civil disobedience and vandalism.
  • General Liability Coverage to help protect your medical practice from claims alleging you were negligent, which caused injury or damage. For example, if a patient, vendor or visitor slips or falls in your facility, general liability coverage could pay for their medical costs. In addition, if your practice is held liable for damage to someone’s property, this could pay for damages and legal fees.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage protects you from loss due to mechanical or electrical breakdown of nearly any type of equipment, including computers and medical equipment. Coverage applies to the cost to repair or replace the equipment and any other property damaged by the equipment breakdown. Resulting business income and extra expense loss is often covered as well.

Other Coverages

  • Equipment Warranty Coverage is for healthcare practices that have larger medical equipment inventories, including, but not limited to high-end biomedical, clinical laboratory, diagnostic imaging, and radiation therapy equipment and routinely rely on expensive manufacturer and third-party service contracts to maintenance and repair such equipment. While traditional equipment breakdown coverage covers certain repairs with a large per incident deductible, equipment warranty coverage can pay for scheduled preventive maintenance, full covered repairs, and high-end consumables, such as x-ray tubes and digital detectors. This coverage saves you money by replacing your expensive service contracts and/or manufacturer extended warranties with a single comprehensive multivendor equipment warranty agreement and lets you choose the service providers.
  • Business Interruption Coverage helps if a storm or other unexpected covered peril requires you to temporarily shut down your practice. This insurance can replace your business income based on past income and profit records.
  • Employment Practices Liability Coverage protects you against lawsuits by former and current workers.
  • Business Auto Coverage can pay for damages to your practice’s vehicles (car repairs, medical costs, and related expenses) that result from a covered auto accident.
  • Professional liability/malpractice insurance helps protect you and your practice against legal claims that you’ve made professional errors in the course of your work.
  • Workers Compensation Coverage provides your employees with the care they need if they get sick or hurt on the job.

How to get started on your quote

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