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Umbrella Insurance

The average personal injury lawsuit award can be more than your home or auto insurance policy covers. While everyone can benefit from an umbrella policy because accidents can happen to anyone, there are some instances that make it more likely you will use it. If you have a teen driver in the family, statistics show that young drivers can account for up to 11% of all accidents. If you are a successful individual, you will have more assets that need protection. If you are a dog owner, you may want to consider the number of dog bites every year. You may think your dog will never bite someone, but what if they do? Dog bites can account for one-third of home insurance liability claims. If you have a pool, tree house, or trampoline, these make your home riskier and can increase your risk of a liability claim, since children are attracted to these items. Umbrella insurance in the Northern Kentucky / Greater Cincinnati can cost less than raising the limits on your home and auto policy and give you more protection and peace of mind.

What You Should Know about Umbrella Insurance in Kentucky

Umbrella policies will usually cover between $1 million and $5 million in additional coverage. Consider your net worth when choosing a coverage option and remember you could be sued for everything you have. This also includes future wages. Umbrella policies are not standalone policies and you will have to have certain qualifications to purchase one. One of our agents at Budget Guard Insurance can help you determine if you meet the qualifications for a policy. Your first line of defense will be your home and auto policies. Once the limits on those policies are exhausted, then your umbrella insurance will kick in. If you are already insuring a motor home, boat, ATV, or snowmobile, an umbrella policy may also give you extra coverage.

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