Slide Equipment Maintenance Insurance
and Asset Inventory Services
What if there was a way to consolidate service contracts with their multiple vendors and varied effective dates into a single lower cost equipment maintenance plan with one expiration date? GET STARTED
Slide There is! Welcome to Budget Guard. We offer a TRUE equipment maintenance insurance program that reduces costs and puts you in control of your critical equipment and service vendors. GET STARTED Slide Our innovative asset inventory software and services provide highly accurate physical inventories and expert data mapping and database cleansing. GET STARTED

Why You Should Work With Us

In today’s economy, it is critical to reduce operating costs while maintaining a high level of productivity. Budget Guard provides a comprehensive equipment maintenance insurance policy and innovative inventory and data verification software and services that are designed to help you meet this challenge.

Decrease your equipment service contract spend with Budget Guard Insurance, a true equipment maintenance insurance policy backed by the financial strength of a highly rated insurance company.

Simplify your equipment service arrangements with one comprehensive equipment maintenance insurance policy with common coverage terms and a single anniversary date.

Increase management control via powerful, easy-to-use reporting tools. You’ll have access to all pertinent information to track your equipment maintenance and repair history.

Verify your equipment inventory with our inventory software and our physical inventory, data mapping, and database cleansing services.